Who Are The Disco Amigos?

The Disco Amigos are a new performance and parading group to encourage Disco, dancing and having a good time for everyone. We are an organization designed to showcase the creative and performance talent in New Orleans through parties, parades and performances while being accessible to everyone that wants to be a part of the party. Class-like environment to learn basic dance and Disco steps and routines; Performance group for parades, social events, festivals and private parades, and.. Host the World Largest Disco Party! (seriously)

Disco Amigos kick off Tucks 2015


DISCO. A single word has captured a nation’s imagination. No longer thought of as an amusement strictly for the “beautiful people”, DISCO has become a national entertainment. People of all ages (21+), tired of watching a select few have all the fun, are shedding their 9 to 5 humdrums, donning their dancing shoes and stepping out! The key to your personal DISCOvery is to realize that nearly anyone can learn to disco dance. It’s simply a matter of getting the basics down, stepping on the dance floor and parade route and letting yourself go! And that’s where Disco Amigos comes in.